Monday, January 9, 2012

Life and Celebrations....

And its that time of the year that has always been very special,its that time of the year with feelings ,with romance,with illusions ,with mysteriousness,yes its that time of the year which has been celebrated through the centuries as an era when love has always been in air.Stupendous as it sounds,with christmasses followed by fresh breaths of the new year winds full of exciting possibilities,of laughs,of love,of moments of lifetime when life diffuses itself in its entirety of tremendousness....who knows how many tragedies will the times to come will play out,how many minutes of happiness,how many more hours of untold misery ,how many miracles,how many wonderwalls to cross,how many dreams ,how many castles ,how many realizations and how many modes of unexplored self-expression.
And one day you know, amidst those wintry mirage of foggy clouds ,pigeons would flow by....blown away with the gusto of the fast -moving winds ...and towards the unchartered directions which it would follow unquestioningly and questioningly,completely trusting the magic of the universe and destiny. Those love pigeons ....they would carry symbols and signs of love,wrapped about their wings flapping vigourously at the possibilty and excitement of love,giggling uncontrollably with the innocence with which lovers would wait for their telegrams ....wrapped with the fragrance of aphrodisiac....conveying the handwriting,tear droplets, touch, sensuousness and ambience of the beloved.
And not just standardized,typed,printed,e-mailed or SMSed letters.
Ah! Love letters.....not just letters, but also telegrams of Peace...
Mental delusional emotional sensual physical visual and also of the Final Farewell.
Because sometimes all we can do is hope that love would surprise us one day day knowing well that love remains forever synonymous with life.
Because Paul Coelho once said,"We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery."


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For Teek


We are all assholes
Indeed we are
It hurts like hell
That feeling as if
Something is strangling
Me so hard
That I can’t seem to feel alive AGAIN

If all those who love each other could be together and all those who yearn for each other each other could express the same .Those barriers for that matter …they keep us so much apart …so much away….they cause so much hurt…so much pain.

This world has created enormous distances…as distances distance me from you.
How does it leave hope for survival of the world
For the sake of life that runs in the veins of the eternity all around me

Oh Dear Mighty  ! Let Peace prevail  ! Let there be light
Take my love …Give my love
Let it share
But how can that be if that is not it
You brake speed at every sign
Why every step sanctions divine
When I don’t feel a God beneath
When security disguises as religious shrine

Comes knocking at the door of my oblivion
I don’t know where went the fairies
They were always here with me
They were always here with me
Lullabying  me to sleep.


Ok Listen
I’m very tensed
I know how I always bug you
How I always shock you
And then distance myself
Is it a game kind of thing ?hm?

Because I know men are donkeys
I hate them for that
Crazy they are
Idiotic I feel

I miss you like heavens miss hell
Like rains miss monsoons
Like we idiots miss face book
Like I miss staring at your updates on face book

As I miss you through this pain
It hurts each second
As I try to prove my worthiness…my decency
I am tired of this exercise…of this entire proving business….
As in why do I feel I have to

As I stand before myself facing theses clouds
As I keep digging into the unearthed rocks
The dire need for erosions struck me not once not twice but again..

This trust was always the most difficult thing to give
But as I look around this world of humans
How complex…why does it have to be so many of us….like too many cooks spoiling the broth or what?
Have we made it for ourselves Just how?
Is the world of that cute little jerky ant seriously as complex?
I wish I knew.

As I write thus
As I go to sleep
As I lie down in bed
As I stare at your face book page.
As I stare at your DPs
As I go on all my trips tours and travels
Sitting in that ruthlessly cold and honest train
Through the awesome night –time discussions
Through that difficult scary night at Panna you would never know.
Through the long late night walks ,conversations, awesome things
I wish you were here
I wish you were just there
Sitting bullshitting
Laughing crapping writing
Observing secretly smiling that jhandu way you always did
But still I wish you were just there


Insomnia for instance….no wait !
Will you take responsibilty for her dark circles…..
Jerk !!!!!
Princesses have to be goodlooking and youthful you idiot!!!!!!!!!!
I know yours is an extremely busy life
but I am telling you a cute little princess is facing a lot of issues because of you....


Hey I  miss you every moment …every millimoment
Every draconian time
I don’t know what to say
I am so saaaaad
My life becomes recklessly ruckus without you
I am sad because I know a lot of my desperations might just be a fa├žade
May only be a dream…another fantasy…
Who knows!
But still as my heart craves for more
All the practicalities came rushing by
And I attempted to let them take over me
I wasn’t surprised by the futility of the attempt as I bring myself to realize again and again
That I was never meant to be grounded
Oh dear piscse! Help me breathe…….


Because I want a man
Who loves me as much as I love him
If not more
I want a man who tears apart at the sight of me walking away
As much as I do
Because I want a man
Who misses me as intensely as I miss him
Because I want a man who treasures every moment spent with me
As much as I do

And if this can’t be
Let me be single.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pangs of Jealousy and Acceptance

Well she is not exactly the unfortunate types.Infact she is awesome,his types!Dunno but certainly awesome!Infact actually its so great as it means lesser misery in this world,but then how does she manage to be better than me.I hate her for that!She’s not supposed to be so good!It’s not my fault that I melt at the slightest provocation,Its not my fault that I seemingly don’t have a life,It’s not my fault that I am such a loner who goes on receding into her shell……Why does she have to be so much better than me! More so,why does she have to be so nice to everyone?even me????Infact how does she manage to be so nice?I’m sad.
She’s just like him.Infact she suits him.Much better.She is very compatible with him.I think they will see it if they haven’t seen it till now that living together for them will be as simple as breathing.I have never felt this way!Infact its great that they can find love in each other,it’s a great achievement if anyone can do it to each other,but it comes as a surprise.I feel lost as always,but then those were supposed to be my own problems no!
Cmmon….all I feel is lifelessness all around.And acceptance has become a struggle.really!I wonder if it were always so…but no! I don’t think so .
I feel sad sad and sad.
And lost lost and lost.
Actually today I don’t feel that bad.But yesterday,just before sleeping ,a realization came over me.It lasted more than a moment actually.More than many seconds.And then I was fast asleep.And today amidst the hassles of waking up,I was reminded of that intuition,if that was what it is.And it was like something dawned upon me which I hadn’t been able to see because of curtains…and of course because of lack of communication and distances .Oh! Well IF he isn’t as complicated as me or maybe as he claims to be,the truth is he doesn’t love me.Maybe he never did.Whats the point.ASS I AM.I know ….koi nahi hota hai…but yaar bahut dard deke jaata hai.I miss you like hell.And I’m jealous….it grows with time.She has a firmness about her,in that sense she may not suit you…but you never know.She is definitely what I am not.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Strands of Decency

Oh! how to describe
How you behave Now it seems like

how well have you acclimatize yourself

in this strange deceptive world
I don't get it
I seriously feel this world is a misfit and you even more
But I awe at the way you  meander your way through this mayhem.Well,I'm surprised.

I just now saw a tall decent gentleman dressed in a nice suit carrying a nice bag,but you know he' a misfit.As in the suit doesn't suit him.He looks straight ahead ,but his eyes are on a lookout for something else....a faraway land.Oh! Stop it......
but for something else in people I mostly guess.But he's quite tolerant ...infact has become of things &people who just don't seem alike.

I seriously am clueless about the struggle ;quite ignorant of this tussle in a man's world .But I wonder if we were to shake off the dusty blanket from your body ,carefully and gently and carefully uncover your face,I think we would discover a different you.A very different you.

But one thing I seriously admire you for in the way you sweet talk peple ,the way you let babies sleep to the tunes of decency....but the truth is ...they are going to realize soon .Anyway it was only a tune ....not tangible enough.Not proof enough.
But then what proof do we want ?What proof do I need?For what....Life had been tumultous enough.These shades that I see ....fading into eternity....I wonder often ,what it takes to try and be one with it......

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sleeplessly sleepless

Well I am not really the kind of person who talks in facts and points and parenthesis, but the thing is I am just feeling a little factual right now:
Well I wonder how much I have started sleeping……I have never been a disciplined person ….much lesser as far as timely and proper sleep was concerned….but now  I’m surprised,how much do I sleep.Infact even a 6 hour sleep doesn’t suffice when previously even 5 hours would do well…..I am surprised how I dutifully go to bed by 10 or 11 only to be able to wake up at 7:30 .Well,I’m surprised.I sleep a lot nowadays.somewhere,it feels good to be able to reach college on time,but then I feel numb.A lot.My entire being goes numb.There are times when after a day of lot of work,I still can’t sleep as even when I like the work my mind goes numb.There is an expanse of hollow loneliness which surrounds you as you try to bid this world goodbye to sleep.Insomnia troubles a lot but thankfully it is rare…..and surprisingly after such spells of insomnia ,I don’t feel deprived of sleep at all next morning.

Life ...its amazing sometimes….as in I amazes me a lot.I’m surprised I feel so numb nowadays,I don’t know why….I can’t know why.nevertheless I feel  numb And I don’t know what to do.I don’t feel anything.I can’t understand anything.all I gauge is dints of things which render me bewildered and perplexed and sometimes also make me look like a fool to my minds’ eyes.
Actually I’m just forcing myself to write  bullshit .Don’t even feel any muse.And no muse means bad writing.
So I’ll just shut up and perhaps catch up a nice romantic flick.
Chal ceeya.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Oh Heights !

Why do I fear you so much.....
I cannot stand you
Cannot control ....oh Heights ! I am powerless
I always wanted to overcome you......I already have I guess taken the first step towards independence....first step towards breaking free
I am not the same

I won't be the same....
life is about risks
Just can't break free from the challenge of pisces

oh !Why am I such a girl sometimes...
Is it girly to not to be able to bear those barbaric gory sights?
Is it girly not to be able to withstand any pain?any blood?
Is it girly to want things to be twinkling and lovely?
Oh is it being like a hundred percent female?
The sin of being a pisces? Oh ! shall I call it sin?If not then what?
Its made me needy.......left me weak...weak willed.......a weak pesonality
What to do?I'm lost....
I wish I could be able to say with pride that I will go rock climbing diving....but I can't
I am scared.....I am too scared
Do angels fear to plunge in...????pisceans do.....
I sometimes wish I had the courage to walk up the entire snow clad hills and mountains......I wish I had the choice to do that alone cause I have understood noone is made for anyone....everyone is made for themselves....and there would be noone to take me by those everlasting expanse of friend did it ...that enthusiastic adventurous resilient Shaily....she took me by hand down the dangerous  rocky mountaineous  valleys....she led me and I loved it was so be able to rely trustfully on someone so self assured a girl as Shaily .....Girl! She is something of a person....One of the most courageous girls I have  ever met...and a courageous person toooooo.....
But I always loose my senses seems always as if I have lost a part of something....I wonder sometimes if that has something to do with a fish's affinity to water....but then even waterfalls ....cold waterfalls...I think even thet sent a chill down my spine....
i never realized as a child...I was afraid of heights.....dreaded afraid of heights......Oh ! What is it??????I never seem to get it
Heights......!!!!!!!!Yummy.......I want to come to you....but can't seem to....what to do?????? 


I understand now the meaning of ! real desperation
I knew it before but I could always do something about it.....this time I can't....u know these self faith and self confidence are amazing things to possess....they are important and if u don't have them...girl ! life is difficuilt! Courage is another important thing...infact very very important ...shy people don't stand anywhere....I need a rabbit...a pet rabbit...I don't think I will survive in this cruel brutal world of humans....I need one please I do.I dunno I'm helpless.....I need comfort....loads of it.....where do I go....I am lost...lost lost and lost....forever.....and I'm dying I want to be in the breathe in those waters in the middle of those jungles.......loving mesmerizing sleeping sheltered deep under the roofshed of tall loving green treesssssss....