Monday, January 9, 2012

Life and Celebrations....

And its that time of the year that has always been very special,its that time of the year with feelings ,with romance,with illusions ,with mysteriousness,yes its that time of the year which has been celebrated through the centuries as an era when love has always been in air.Stupendous as it sounds,with christmasses followed by fresh breaths of the new year winds full of exciting possibilities,of laughs,of love,of moments of lifetime when life diffuses itself in its entirety of tremendousness....who knows how many tragedies will the times to come will play out,how many minutes of happiness,how many more hours of untold misery ,how many miracles,how many wonderwalls to cross,how many dreams ,how many castles ,how many realizations and how many modes of unexplored self-expression.
And one day you know, amidst those wintry mirage of foggy clouds ,pigeons would flow by....blown away with the gusto of the fast -moving winds ...and towards the unchartered directions which it would follow unquestioningly and questioningly,completely trusting the magic of the universe and destiny. Those love pigeons ....they would carry symbols and signs of love,wrapped about their wings flapping vigourously at the possibilty and excitement of love,giggling uncontrollably with the innocence with which lovers would wait for their telegrams ....wrapped with the fragrance of aphrodisiac....conveying the handwriting,tear droplets, touch, sensuousness and ambience of the beloved.
And not just standardized,typed,printed,e-mailed or SMSed letters.
Ah! Love letters.....not just letters, but also telegrams of Peace...
Mental delusional emotional sensual physical visual and also of the Final Farewell.
Because sometimes all we can do is hope that love would surprise us one day day knowing well that love remains forever synonymous with life.
Because Paul Coelho once said,"We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery."


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